Monday, August 20, 2012

The Dog Days Are (almost) Over...

          I have traveled far and wide. Scandinavia. London. Paris. Turks and Caico's.  However, there is nowhere I would rather be in the summer more than Maine. And as we reach the end of this glorious season marked with a few extra layers needed on the bed by morning and the sudden need to order a hot coffee to warm me up during the early hours of the farmers markets, I become nostalgic. This nostalgia is strong, knowing that I won't get to savor another Maine summer until the long battle with another rugged Maine Winter is over and done with.  While the dog days of summer may be drawing to a close, the Perrin Co. had a blast.

            We ate zero grocery store veggie's, all fresh from the many outdoor markets we frequented. We made sand castles. We got sunscreen in our eyes. We went to kitschy Old Orchard Beaches' Palace Playland. There were Boo Boo's and bruises galore. Dahlia climbed the rocks with Daddy at Reid State park for the first time. We sweated at the hot farmer markets as we sold Love For Lemons Co. Products galore. Dahlia and I enjoyed late nights of labeling products and mixing laundry Soda. Sweet Baby Greyson found his true love of trucks and pretty girls in Bikini's. Dahlia explored her love of nature as she told me where all of the fairies lived in our back yard. 

        Many say life in Maine is hard with the long cold winters,  but I believe that us Mainers are paid in full many times over with the blessings bestowed on us from Maine summers like this one.  I couldn't think of any other place that I would rather pledge my allegiance to.  You will find the Perrins and Love For Lemons Co. in Maine for many years to come.